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Assessment of the implementation of point 5 of the Peace Agreement – Agreement on victims of the conflict

The victims of the armed conflict are at the heart of the Peace Agreement signed between the Colombian government and the former FARC-EP. Their active participation in the transitional justice process is indispensable for achieving truth, justice and reparation. That is why the Agreement includes the creation of a Comprehensive System to guarantee their rights to Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition (acronym SIVJRNR in Spanish). The implementation of the provisions of this point requires a high level of commitment from all parties; namely the state authorities, those who participated in the conflict and civil society (Kroc, 2021: 130). The institutions that make up this System have demonstrated their commitment to the victims to achieve the provisions established in the Peace Agreement, despite the lack of recognition of their legitimacy and constant attacks by the Colombian government. This situation represents a challenge for the implementation of the medium- and long-term structural measures provided for in the Agreement.



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