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Colombia and the United Nations

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Colombia and the United Nations

Colombia and the United Nations

According to the international pacts, conventions and protocols signed and ratified by the Colombian government and that underpin the United Nations Human Rights System, the Colombian government has international obligations to guarantee comprehensive respect for human rights.

The United Nations has different mechanisms to monitor respect for human rights in Colombia. Based in Geneva, the United Nations Human Rights Council conducts a Universal Periodic Review every four years which makes recommendations on human rights matters. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) produces an annual report on Colombia. The United Nations special procedures are also able to produce recommendations and reports on Colombia according to their mandates.

Several United Nations bodies are present in Colombia in the shape of the OHCHR, which has been operating in the country since 1996 and whose mandate runs until 2022. The office monitors the human rights situation in the country, provides technical assistance, verifies the murders of human rights defenders and other attacks they suffer, and monitors the human rights impacts of the implementation of the Peace Accord. Additionally, the mandate of the United Nations Verification Mission established by the Security Council is to verify the the implementation of Peace Accord in terms of the economic, social and political reincorporation and security guarantees for former combatants and operations against criminal activities and organisations. The Special representative of  the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia presents reports and recommendations to the Security Council every three months. A  number of United Nations thematic cooperation agencies also operate in the country, including United Nations Women, the United Nations Development Programme and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees which also play an essential role in ensuring respect for and implementation of human rights.

Oidhaco carries out advocacy activities before the United Nations, in particular the Human Rights Council in which it participates, informing member states about the human rights situation in Colombia and requesting interventions or actions in favour of human rights and peace in the Colombia. Oidhaco makes oral presentations during sessions of the Human Rights Council on matters related to Colombia, and organises parallel events on the country. It also provides information to the United Nations special mechanisms and participates in the reviews of Colombia carried out by the treaty bodies and as part of the Universal Periodic Review.  

Oidhaco’s communications activities seek to influence political targets through the production of informative articles, a range of advocacy materials and press releases on the situation in Colombia.

Oidhaco carries out all of these activities in coordination with the members of the network.