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Legal notice

Legal Notice

Website Ownership is a website whose domain name is registered and owned by the International Office for Human Rights-Action Colombia, OIDHACO (hereinafter, interchangeably, OIDHACO asbl). OIDHACO is registered at the address Rue de la Liniére 11 -1060 Brussels, Belgium, in the Belgian Register, under Company Number 0809.858.542

The purpose
of is to report on the human rights situation in Colombia, as well as on products and services, offers, promotions and other relevant information about the comprehensive respect of human rights; the construction of positive peace in Colombia; and social, economic and environmental relations based on fairness and solidarity.

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OIDHACO asbl reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the website when necessary, without prior notice, to carry out necessary maintenance and update activity. may contain links to external third-party websites whose content is not attributable or applicable
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In no case does access to the website imply permission, waiver, transmission, license or total or partial transfer of such
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Comments and suggestions

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Modification of the Legal Notice

The content of this Legal Notice has an indefinite duration and may be modified at any time in accordance with the regulations in force at any time and any changes that may arise from the activity of Oidhaco asbl. 

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

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