The International Office for Human Rights Action on Colombia

Information Package – 11 Fact sheets about Human Rights and Peace in Colombia

Oidhaco elaborated 11 fact sheets about topics related to Human Rights and Peace in Colombia.

In every fact sheet there is a short summary of the topic related to the situation of Human Rights and the humanitarian situation in the country. At the bottom of every document, there are concrete recommendations addressed to the European institutions: European Parliament, European External Action Service, European Commission and the European Council.

Report on the Human Rights situation in Colombia 2008-2013 for the Universal Periodic Review Colombia 2013

By international platforms and organizations

Table of contents: -Cooperation with United Nations mechanisms and bodies -Armed conflict -Right to life, liberty and security of person -Administration of justice, including the struggle against impunity, and the Rule of Law -Freedom of expression, assembly, association and peaceful protest -Economic, social and cultural rights -Indigenous peoples and afro-descendent peoples

“Road Map” for the EU – Colombia and Peru FTA, insufficient for the NGOs

The Road Map requested in order to guarantee the protection of labor rights, the environment, and human rights does not respond to the concerns raised by European, Colombian, and Peruvian civil society.

Today, on the 13th of June, it was put forth in the plenary of the European Parliament (EP) the resolution to ask Colombia and Peru to define a “Road Map” to guarantee the protection of labor rights, the environment, and human rights in the ratification process of the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union, Colombia, and Peru.

Not all that is green is good – Paper on the increase of agrofuel production and its impacts

Paper on the expansion of palm oil & sugar cane production and free trade agreements between the EU, Colombia, Peru and Central America. By the networks Aprodev, Alop, Cifca, Oidhaco and Grupo Sur, with the support of Oxfam Solidarité.

At the same time as Olivier de Schutter, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, urged the G20 to “put an end to public biofuel mandates and fiscal subsidies, which are a major factor in rising food prices and an important driver of the rush towards farmland in developing countries”, the EU is about to ratify Trade Agreements with Colombia and Peru and an Association Agreement with Central America (AA) that aim among other things to increase EU imports of basic commodities and in particular raw materials for agrofuel production.

EU – Latin America Trade Agreements fail the socio-environmental test

During the event “Latin America: Natural Resources and Trade Agreements” of March 22, Members of the European Parliament and civil society representatives express their concern for possible adverse impacts of these Agreements.

The civil society networks ALOP, CIFCA, Grupo Sur and OIDHACO, along with other Belgian and European organisations and Members of the European Parliament, have jointly organised the conference “Latin America: Natural Resources and Trade Agreements.”

Development – Environment and Human Rights in Colombia

Document redacted on the occasion of the hearing of the Committee on International Trade (INTA) of the European Parliament on the EU-Colombia-Peru Multiparty Agreement on 29 February 2012.

The document presents the situation with respect to the following topics: Poverty and inequality, Labour rights and violence against trade unions, Environment, Right to food, Lands, Indigenous, Peoples and Afro-Colombians, General human rights situation

EU Trade Agreements with Central America, Colombia and Peru: Roadblocks for sustainable development

Publication of a paper that offers elements for consideration during a democratic debate before the European Parliament on the European Union (EU)-Colombia and Peru Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the EU-Central America (CA) Association Agreement (AA).

These agreements are expected to be presented by the European Commission to the Council and the European Parliament (EP). This will be the first time during the entire 4-year negotiation process that the EP can actually see and analyse the text, yet it cannot change or modify the agreements; it gives its consent by simple majority on a “take it or leave it” basis.

Trade at any price: The conditions for the Trade Agreement between the European Union and Colombia do not exist.

This report provides a summary of aspects of the Trade Agreement between the EU and Colombia, currently in the process of being ratified, which are of deep concern to many sectors across Colombian civil society and international human rights organisations

Before negotiating a trade agreement with Colombia, the EU must ensure that human rights are being fully respected there, and that a trade agreement will not exacerbate the human rights crisis. In this document we present overwhelming evidence of the lack of human rights guarantees in Colombia, the continuance of the armed conflict and the grave situation in relation to poverty and social inequality. We ask the European Union and its member states if they know for certain whether the agreement currently on the table will support the fulfilment of human rights or if, on the contrary, it would contribute to making the situation worse.