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Publications: Trade – Business and Human Rights

Complaint against the Spanish multinational Prosegur

On March 17, the Spanish MEP Raul Romeva i Rueda made a parliamentary question to the European Commission regarding complaints received on possible actions against trade unionists by Prosegur, a Spanish private security company. According to a complaint received by the Colombian National Union School (ENS), the Compañía Transportadora de Valores Prosegur, a Spanish multinational,

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The European Parliament must fulfill its promise to ‘use’ the FTA to demand improvements in human rights in Colombia

Press release on the hearing at the European Parliament on EU-Colombia Trade Agreement and Human Rights situation. oday the European Parliament Sub-Committee on Human Rights has organised a hearing on the Situation of Human Rights in Colombia and the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). Oidhaco welcomes this initiative because the process of ratification of the FTA

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Extractive industries, natural resources and human rights in Colombia

Summary of the multiple links between mining industry activities and human rights violations in Colombia. Joint document by the Colombian Platform for Human Rights, Democracy and Development and Oidhaco. In recent years, there has been an intense debate in Colombia about the role of mining in the national development process. The country is experiencing a

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Development and responsible business practices – extractive industries in developing countries

Intervention by Sergio Coronado at the Development Committee of the European Parliament on the impacts of large-scale mining in Colombia, mainly in relation to human rights, poverty and environmental rights. On September 17, 2013 the Development Committee of the European Parliament hold a hearing entitled “Promoting development through responsible business practices, including the role of

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Mining in Colombia: Basics to overcome the extractive model

80% of the human rights violations occurring in Colombia, are taking place in the mining and oil municipalities. Main conclusions of the report; some reactions after its publication; and recommendations by Oidhaco. In May 2013, the Colombian Comptroller General (Contraloría General de la República) published a report entitled “Mining in Colombia: Basics to overcome the

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