The International Office for Human Rights Action on Colombia


War crimes allegations against Colombian Ambassador in Vienna

General Freddy Padilla de León must be deprived of his diplomatic status in order to allow for criminal investigations. Berlin / Bogotá / Vienna, 2 October 2013 Today ECCHR made public a dossier on the former General Commander of the Colombian Armed Forces and current Colombian Ambassador to Austria, General Freddy Padilla de León. Therein,

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OIDHACO Newsletter – May-June 2013

The newsletter includes information on: peace process; the land issue – protests in the Catatumbo region, mining and forced displacement -; justice and military jurisdiction; human rights defenders situation, in particular journalists; and EU policy.

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OIDHACO Newsletter – March-April 2013

The newsletter includes information on: Peace process; reform to the military justice system; Extractive industry – indigenous peoples and Afro-descendant communities; human rights defenders situation; Colombia in the UN; among others.

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Colombian Peace Roundtables come to Brussels

Colombian Congress Peace Commissions come to Europe to listen to the Colombian community abroad. Brussels, May 15, 2013. While talks continue between the Colombian government and the FARC, with the aim of ending the armed conflict, the Colombian Congress Peace Commissions have held Regional Peace Roundtables in Colombia to collect proposals from society and transmit

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Women in Colombia – Factsheet

This document presents key data and figures can be found on the situation of women in Colombia as well as specific legislation and mechanisms protecting them. Recommendations are made to the international community. In Colombia, as in other countries, women suffer violence and discrimination in all aspects of their lives. In 2011, 70,134 cases of

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