The International Office for Human Rights Action on Colombia

Human rights platforms reject attacks against the indigenous peoples of the municipality of Toribio, Cauca.

The “Alianza de Organizaciones Sociales y Afines por una Cooperación Internacional para la Paz y la Democracia en Colombia”, the “Coordinación Colombia Europa Estados Unidos, CCEEU”, and the “Plataforma Colombiana de Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Desarrollo, PCDHDD”, condemn the armed attacks against the Nasa community in the municipality of Toribio, Cauca. In particular, are repudiated the aggressions against the life, integrity and security of the civilian population, the forced recruitment of minors, and the murder of the indigenous leader and mayor Carmelina Yule, perpetrated on 16 and 17 March 2024 by the Dagoberto Ramos Front, part of the Central General Staff of the FARC-EP rebels, as well as the attacks on the caravan carrying the body of the defender Yule on 18 March 2024.