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Mission and Vision


The International Office of Human Rights – Action on Colombia – OIDHACO, is a network of European and international organisations dedicated to political incidence before EU institutions, its Member States, Switzerland, Norway and the United Nations to promote the Rule of Law, democracy and full respect of human rights, peace and sustainable development in Colombia.




Our mandate is based on the full enforcement of all human rights, conceived in an interdependent and indivisible manner, on overcoming impunity and the structural causes of violence.  These require that we demand the Colombian State compliance with its international obligations in terms of civil, political, economic, environmental, social, and cultural human rights and to request from it and other actors in the armed conflict, respect for International Humanitarian Law.  Furthermore, we insist on a negotiated political solution to the armed conflict enabling paths to peace with social justice.   The United Nations, through its different mechanisms, and the European Union, Switzerland and Norway, through their political relations, cooperation and trade with Colombia, can contribute largely to these objectives, claiming full respect for human rights and IHL, and actively supporting a negotiated politcal solution to the internal armed conflict.