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Associated Platforms in Colombia



La Alianza



The Alliance of Social Organizations for International Cooperation for Peace and Democracy in Colombia is a network of 125 organizations, created on the basis of the joint position document “The Political Solution and Democracy are the way”, presented during the London Conference of July 2003. The Alliance gathers ten important sectors of the Colombian society: six important social sectors which are represented in all the country (trade unions, indigenous, peasants and afrodescendants organisations, local action groups and women organisations) and four sectors of specialized organisations (on development, environment, peace initiatives and human rights).


Asamblea Permanente de la Sociedad Civil Por La Paz



The Civil Society Permanent Assembly for Peace is a process of social education for the strengthening and consolidation of the peace social movement and of citizens empowerment in order to build a new country. The Assembly works for a negotiated political solution to the armed conflict and peace with social justice. Since 1998, the Permanent Assembly of Civil Society for Peace brings together different sectors of the society from the different regions, seeking consensus and formulating proposals on the different issues and aspects that contribute to peace building.


La Plataforma Colombiana de Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Desarrollo

Plataforma Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Desarrollo

The Colombian Platform for Human Rights, Democracy and Development is a network of more than 100 social, communitarian and non governmental organisations from all the country. The Platfrom promotes strategic agreements among the different social and institutional actors which work for a development based on democracy and the respect of all human rights.



La Coordinacion Colombia – Europa – Estados Unidos (CCEEU)



The Colombia-Europe-United States Coordination Group (CCEEU) is a Colombian coalition of 221 Colombian NGOs working for the promotion and defense of human rights. It is an autonomous, wide and diverse platform which gathers social organisations and NGOs from the different regions of the country. With the support of international solidarity organisations, the CCEEU accompanies NGOs in their work for human rights at international level.