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Become a friend of Oidhaco - Friends of Oidhaco will receive information related to the situation in Colombia and to Oidhaco's work.

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Derechos humanos en Colombia

“In the current situation of the Peace Process in Colombia, meanwhile crimes against human rights defenders and the civil population carry on, we consider essential to continue and to increase our advocacy and activities of human rights violation denunciation that occur every day. Therefore, we would like to improve our capacities and guarantee our economical independence”.
The Friends of Oidhaco will receive information related to the situation in Colombia and to Oidhaco’s work (newsletters, analysis documents, events, amongst others). .

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The International Office on Human Rights - Action Colombia, Oidhaco represents a network of  European organisations. From its headquarters in Brussels, it accompanies Colombian civil society initiatives which work towards the full respect of human rights and international humanitarian law, and a negotiated solution to the internal armed conflict. Oidhaco works with 4 main platforms of human rights, development and peace organisations in Colombia. Since 2012, Oidhaco has been granted Special Consultative Status before the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
11, rue de la Linière, 1060 Brussels
Phone: 0032 (0) 25361913
Web: www.oidhaco.org

PHOTOS: Bianca Bauer, CCFD-Francia, Charlotte Kesl, Diego Sandoval, Gert Steenssens / EsperanzaProxima.net, FOKUS-Noruega

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